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CG Partnership is committed to protecting all our learners. However, we do assume that the majority of adults are capable of protecting themselves and that only a proportion is vulnerable and potentially in need of protective intervention. This policy explains who we are acting to protect and how.

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Who is defined as vulnerable?

The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006, section 59, defines a person as a vulnerable adult if they have attained the age of 18 and

  • They are in residential accommodation,
  • They are in sheltered housing,
  • They receive domiciliary care,
  • They receive any form of health care,
  • They are detained in lawful custody,
  • They are by virtue of an order of a court under supervision.
  • They receive a welfare service of a prescribed description.
  • They require assistance in the conduct of their own affairs.

Safeguarding Principles

  • CG Partnership has a duty to protect vulnerable adults.
  • All allegations of abuse of a vulnerable adult must be treated seriously.
  • Wherever there is a suspicion regarding the safety of a vulnerable person the procedures for alerting, reporting, investigating and managing the safeguarding of adults should be discharged promptly and fully.
  • All action taken must be carried out sensitively, taking into account the vulnerable adult’s individual needs, including race, culture and ethnicity, age, gender, religion, disability or sexuality.
  • An individual’s communication needs should be considered at all times.

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