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Functional Skills English Level 1/2, Spring Term

Start Date

Tue 25 Jan 2022


16 weeks


Course content

  • 1. Compare information, ideas and opinions in different texts
  • 2. Identify meanings in texts and distinguish between fact and opinion
  • 3. Use a range of punctuation correctly (eg full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas, possessive apostrophes)
  • 4. Spell words used most often in work, study and daily life, including specialist words
  • 5. Write text of an appropriate level of detail and of appropriate length (including where this is specified) to meet the needs of purpose and audience
  • 6. Use language that is effective, accurate and appropriate to context and situation


During this course you will make a range of contributions to discussions in different situations. You will improve your reading skills by looking at different texts and the features of texts and you will also learn how to write a range of media including writing letters, reports and emails. You will present and speak to others and take part in group discussions. Homework and self-study is required each week.


Course content:

The Functional Skills programmes are designed around real life problem solving issues. All work is therefore based on real situations and topics. Writing letters, getting involved in discussions, and identifying the purpose of different texts are all skills that are used in daily life which will help you to progress your English skills. The skills learnt will help you to apply these to work and further studying.


  • Completion of an initial assessment to identify level of study.

What do I need to do this course?

Notepad and pen

Teaching Methods

  • ICT use, practical activities, verbal questioning and discussions, handouts, and informal feedback, written feedback and self- assessment tasks.

    How is your progress checked?

    Weekly feedback from tutor. Observation, questioning, group activities, presentations and discussion.

    What can I do after this course?

    Progress onto further levels of the functional English qualifications or get onto further courses of study.


Course details

  • Tutor: Jennifer Marshell
  • Time: 1230-1430
  • Provision: LCC
  • Term: Spring
  • Location: Online Class
  • Full fee: Free
  • Concessionary fee: Free


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