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GCSE Physics – Mablethorpe

Concessionary Fee: £0.00
Start Date

Thu 30 Sep 2021


30 weeks

Concessionary Fee: £0.00

Course content

  • 1. Describe types of energy and how it changes due to heating, mechanical and electrical work
  • 2. Define the key sources of energy on Earth, identifying those that are, or could be with appropriate technology, renewable
  • 3. Define ‘forces’ and distinguish between contact and non-contact forces
  • 4. Undertake the required practical work – devising procedures, making observations, testing hypotheses and interpreting data
  • 5. Use mathematics to help explain physical concepts or to solve problems in physics.


From 2021, the GCSE on offer in science will be Physics. The aim of the course is to provide a pathway to the many careers requiring a background and qualification in science. GCSE Physics will introduce you to scientific method as well as the key core concepts of physics eg. energy, electricity and atomic structure.

Course content:

The course comprises eight key topics:

1. Energy

2. Electricity

3. Particle model of matter

4. Atomic structure

5. Forces

6. Waves

7. Magnetism and electro-magnetism

8. Space physics

In addition, it is a requirement for passing the GCSE that each learner carries out a series of practicals, defined by the awarding body.


  • Learners will need to complete a short initial assessment prior to joining the course.

What do I need to do this course?

This is a challenging course and to be ready to study this subject, you need some prior skills especially in maths.

So we need to know your recent maths grades – either at Functional Skills or GCSE. If you have completed neither of these recently, you will need to do an initial assessment in maths to see what level at which you are currently performing.

You need to undertake the Mechanical Objects assessment – you should normally achieve SILVER level.

You need to provide a short piece of writing about physics – ask for the Physics initial assessment.

Teaching Methods

  • The course is mainly classroom-based and will comprise tutor input, written tasks, small group discussion, accessing online content and a series of 10 practicals. Students should expect to undertake homework every week to consolidate and extend their understanding

    How is your progress checked?

    Through completion of pulse checks and assignments including mock exams.

    What can I do after this course?

    There is a wide range of progression opportunities for students with GCSEs including Physics including:

    · Science at Level 3 or A Level

    · Engineering – Electrical, Mechanical, Building etc.

    · Practical Engineering/Technician roles eg. Maritime Cadetships, Automobile Engineering, Design Engineering

    · New careers in the Renewable Industries

    · Access to Higher Education – Health Professions (available at CLIP and elsewhere)

    · Teaching

Concessionary Fee: £0.00

Course details

  • Tutor: TBC
  • Time: 0930-1230
  • Provision: LCC
  • Term: Autumn
  • Location: Mablethorpe
  • Full fee: £300.00
  • Concessionary fee: Free


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