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Map Reading for Beginners

Concessionary Fee: £5.00
Start Date

Wed 30 Nov 2022


1 day

Concessionary Fee: £5.00

Course content

  • 5. Discuss the importance of access law, weather forecasting and the countryside code etc.
  • 1. Demonstrate an understanding of the features on a map and name at least 5 map symbols and discuss how the map relates to the ground.
  • 2. Orientate the map against major land features and start to formulate a visual picture from the map of what you expect to see when following a route; use these as ‘tick off’ or ‘collecting’ features.
  • 3. Use a range of basic navigational strategies to lead the group on a ‘navigational leg’ to agreed point or ‘control’.
  • 4. Describe terms such as ‘control’, ‘collection feature’, ‘catching feature’, ‘handrail’, ‘legend’, ‘contour’, ‘scale’.


To introduce a map, its detail and an awareness of how it relates to the real world. To empower people to follow new routes, explore new places with confidence and safely

Course content:

A practical course taught ‘in the field’ using navigational aids in a contextual way


  • None - suitable for beginners

What do I need to do this course?

Some basic hillwalking clothes such as sensible footwear, warm clothes, packed lunch, note pad and waterproofs (a full kit list will be provided). People can borrow maps if they wish.

Teaching Methods

  • The course takes place on a walk, involves demonstrations, explanations, discussions, practical challenges and visual aids

    How is your progress checked?

    Assessment is informal and ongoing. It is measured through discussion, questioning and practical application. Through the course people will be asked to demonstrate skills, show where they are on the map, lead sections of the walk, discuss their approaches etc.

    What can I do after this course?

    Develop your skills further and join the Improvers Navigation Skills

Concessionary Fee: £5.00

Course details

  • Tutor: Richard Fish
  • Time: 0930-1630
  • Provision: CL-WLA
  • Term: Autumn
  • Location: Market Rasen
  • Full fee: £30.00
  • Concessionary fee: £5.00