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Organic Gardening

Concessionary Fee: £0.00
Start Date

Fri 21 Jan 2022


8 weeks

Concessionary Fee: £0.00

Course content

  • Learners will be able to list the three main characteristics of organic gardening
  • Learners will be able to state four pests and diseases and how they may be managed organically
  • Learners will be able to describe the benefits of an organic approach in relation to the environment, wildlife and humans
  • Learners will be able to identify ‘greens and browns’ for composting purposes
  • Learners will be able to list at least 3 ways in which they can start on their organic journey at home


The short course will be a whistle stop tour of what it means to garden organically. Do you want to learn about what the benefits of organic gardening and how you can start this at home? From compost heaps, wormeries, organic growing and managing pest or diseases organically this course will give an overview of how you can start..

Course content:

What does it mean to be an organic gardener? Would you like to know how and where to start on your organic gardening journey?

In this 8 week course we will look at how to feed the soil by making compost, mulching and wormeries, as well as ways of dealing with pests and diseases whilst growing crops without artificial chemicals.


  • None required, an interest in gardening or horticulture.

What do I need to do this course?

Access to the Internet and use of a laptop or tablet and use of TEAMS.

The ability to send an email and search for information on the internet.

Be able to attend the online session each week.

Teaching Methods

  • Tutor and group discussions, presentations, learner activities.

    This course will be delivered via online learning using Microsoft Teams. Support will be offered to help you set this up if you are a new user.

    How is your progress checked?

    Learners will be asked to complete a Personal Learning Record at the start and end of the course and you may be asked to complete a feedback questionnaire for our funding bodies on occasions.

    Question and answers and participation in discussions, written completion of handouts and reports of research to other learners.

    What can I do after this course?

    We run a range of different gardening classes throughout the year.

    If you live in Market Rasen, we will be starting a weekly Community Gardening group in the new year on a Tuesday afternoon - email for more details on this.

    We also offer many other courses such as maths/English, Digital Skills, courses for wellbeing and getting back into employment.

Concessionary Fee: £0.00

Course details

  • Tutor: Loretta Rivett
  • Time: 1000-1200
  • Provision: CL-WLA
  • Term: Spring
  • Location: Online Class
  • Full fee: £10.00
  • Concessionary fee: Free


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