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Retail Level 1

Concessionary Fee: £0.00
Course Level

Level 1

Start Date

Mon 8 Mar 2021


10 weeks

Concessionary Fee: £0.00

Course content

  • Identify different occupations within the retail sector
  • Explain the importance of effective customer service when working in the retail sector
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of their rights and responsibilities and general safe working practices.
  • Define stock control, handling and replenishment
  • List three next steps in their progress towards working in the retail sector.


The objective of this qualification is to help learners to develop an understanding of the different aspects of the retail industry, in order to progress into further learning or employment.

Course content:

During the course learners will cover customer service in retail, retail selling skills, the importance and nature of retail teams, health and safety of premises in retail and visual merchandising (display).


  • A good standard of written English, and an interest in working in Retail.

    Ideal to progress onto from the Explore a Career in Retail.

What do I need to do this course?

Notepad and pens

Teaching Methods

  • Practical work, discussions, presentations, reading, independent research and watching video clips.

    How is your progress checked?

    Progress is checked throughout the course by written work, mini-projects, quizzes and discussions.

    What can I do after this course?

    Gain employment in the retail sector, go on to further learning.

Concessionary Fee: £0.00

Course details

  • Tutor: Liz Stradling
  • Time: 0930-1130
  • Provision: AEB
  • Term: Spring
  • Location: Gainsborough
  • Full fee: £75.00
  • Concessionary fee: Free


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