Mablethorpe College

Amnesty International   

Flare were very privileged to have fortnightly sessions with Lily from Amnesty International.  The learners have gained great insight into the wider world and how there are still injustices regarding freedom of speech and Amnesty’s role in trying to highlight and remedy these. 

The group set up their own Amnesty International group.  Each session they would explore a different topic, for example, women’s rights or journalists that had been imprisoned for speaking out against injustice and people seeking asylum from war torn countries and persecution. 

They learnt about the declaration of human rights and fully discussed what it means to them and others and the laws of different countries and how well they meet the human rights declaration. 

This was hugely beneficial to students and broadened their horizons. 

Salvation Army 

Flare students enjoyed productive sessions with the Salvation Army once a week.  This has been hugely beneficial for students, each week they would cook variety of different dishes, usually relevant to celebrations events.  For Burns night they cooked haggis and tatties, for example. 

The students also held many fund raising events for different causes such as Toilet Twinning, Mary’s Meals and Muscular Dystrophy. These sessions were valuable for students in terms of learning about other cultures and countries, as well as cooking skills. 

At Christmas the learners cooked a full Christmas dinner for themselves, it was a massive team effort and the fully enjoyed sharing a meal together. 

Gainsborough – The Bridge Learning Centre 

Gainsborough Literacy Project

The Gainsborough Literacy Project in its sixth year. It is run by Shooting Fish Theatre Company and it is a project that runs over 6 months, starting with a writing phase.  Through weekly workshops, the students generate ideas for a topic, storylines and script which are developed a creative writing professional at Shooting Fish.  When the script is complete, students travel to Leeds Playhouse to be involved in casting professional actors to the key roles. The play is directed by Emily of Shooting Fish and students visit her rehearsals and give notes; they are also involved in some of the production work such as building the set and props.  Finally, they and their friends and parents watch the public performance in June that takes place at the Trinity Arts Centre.