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Note: Concessions are usually available for learners who are retired or claiming benefits.
Course Start Date & Time Length Location
Wellbeing Toolkit-Managing StressMonday 20/01/20205 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Emergency First Aid at Work *Qualsafe Accredited*Friday 24/01/20201 dayMablethorpe
Qualsafe Emergency 1st Aid at WorkFriday 24/01/20201 dayMablethorpe
NCFE Photography Level 1Monday 27/01/202018 weekMablethorpe
Criminology Level 2Monday 27/01/202012 weekMarket Rasen QS
Mental Health Awareness Level 2 *EVENING*Monday 27/01/202014 weekMarket Rasen QS
Horticulture Level1/Level2 (Aim Awards Certificate) **ACCREDITED**Monday 27/01/202020 WeekGainsborough_BRG
English Functional Skills Entry 1/Entry 2 (OCR Certificate) **ACCREDITED**Tuesday 28/01/202016 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Psychology-An IntroductionWednesday 29/01/20205 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Retail Principles Level 2 (NCFE Certificate) **ACCREDITED**Monday 03/02/20203 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Psychology - An IntroductionWednesday 05/02/20205 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Computing-BeginnersThursday 06/02/20205 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Emergency First Aid (Qualsafe Level 3) **ACCREDITED**Thursday 20/02/20201 DayGainsborough_BRG
OCR Functional Skills English Entry 3/Level 1Monday 24/02/202016 weekMablethorpe
OCR Functional Skills English Level 2Monday 24/02/202016 weekMablethorpe
OCR Functional Skills Maths Entry Level 2/3 Tuesday 25/02/202016 weekMablethorpe
OCR Maths Functional Skills Level 1&2Wednesday 26/02/202016 weekMablethorpe
Being Online-Socialising and Managing Your HealthWednesday 26/02/20203 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Ascentis Certificate in Psychology Level 2Thursday 27/02/202012 weekMablethorpe
NCFE Business Administration Level 2Thursday 27/02/202016 weekMablethorpe
CIEH Intermediate Food Safety Level 3Friday 28/02/20203 days Mablethorpe
Becoming a Teaching AssistantMonday 02/03/20205 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Maths - Functional Skills Level 1/Level 2 (OCR Certificate) **ACCREDITED** **DAY** Monday 02/03/202016 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Digital Skills -ICT Level 1Tuesday 03/03/202016 weekMarket Rasen QS
Growing from SeedTuesday 03/03/20205 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Maths Functional Skills Entry 2/Entry 3 (OCR Certificate) **ACCREDITED**Tuesday 03/03/202016 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Maths - Functional Skills Level 1/Level 2 (OCR Certificate) **ACCREDITED** **EVENING** Tuesday 03/03/202016 WeekGainsborough_BRG
English Functional Skills Level 1 /Level 2 Wednesday 04/03/202016 weekMarket Rasen QS
English Functional Skills Level 1/Level 2 (OCR Certificate) **ACCREDITED** EVENINGWednesday 04/03/202016 WeekGainsborough_BRG
MakatonWednesday 04/03/20204 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Growing From SeedThursday 05/03/20205 weeksMablethorpe
Hedgrows, Water & WildlifeThursday 05/03/20205 weeksMablethorpe
Maths Functional Skills Entry 2 / Entry 3Thursday 05/03/202016 weekMarket Rasen QS
Maths Functional Skills Level 1 / Level 2 Thursday 05/03/202016 weekMarket Rasen QS
Computing for ImproversFriday 06/03/20205 weeksMablethorpe
English Functional Skills Level 1/Level 2 (OCR Certificate) **ACCREDITED** DAYFriday 06/03/202016 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Mental Health First AidFriday 06/03/20204 WeeksGainsborough_BRG
Mental Health First AidMonday 09/03/20204 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Mental Health First Aid - Level 2Wednesday 11/03/20204 weeksMablethorpe
Psychology Level 2 Wednesday 11/03/202012 weekMarket Rasen QS
OCR Enterprise & Marketing L2 *Accredited*Thursday 12/03/202016 weekMablethorpe
Paediatric First AidFriday 13/03/20202 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Makaton - Level 2Saturday 14/03/20202 conseMablethorpe
Being Online -Banking,Shopping and Saving Money!Wednesday 18/03/20203 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Psychology Level 2 (Ascentis Certificate) **ACCREDITED**Wednesday 18/03/202012 WeekGainsborough_BRG
Computing -ImproversThursday 19/03/20205 weeksMarket Rasen QS
Food Safety Level 2 **Accredited**Friday 20/03/20201 DayGainsborough_BRG
Craft for WellbeingThursday 26/03/20206 weeksMablethorpe
Qualsafe Paediatric First Aid Friday 27/03/20202 days Mablethorpe
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