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CLIP and Covid-19


I wanted to let you all know our plans moving forward here at CLIP.

At present, all of our centres remain open and we continue to run our Flare and adult learning provision where possible.

We have not however, been able to maintain delivery of 100% of our courses, and we have had to make the decision to postpone or cancel some programmes at the current time.

In addition, some staff are working remotely and we intend to be in a position where we are able to continue the majority of our teaching via telephone, Teams, Zoom, Messenger, Whats-app and Facetime.

We understand that many of our students will feel isolated over the coming weeks and it is our commitment to you that regular contact will be maintained.

We will keep everyone updated via our social media channels of next steps as they become apparent.

Take care everyone,

Chief Executive
18 March 2020

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